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COVID-19 Updates

(We've created a Corporate Worship Page where you can find our live-streamed worship service and other resources)

Summary of Church-wide email from Friday, June 5:

TCPC Session is excited to announce that we will re-open the church doors for corporate worship on June 28th with our usual 8:30am and 11:00am services!

Much will be the same, some things will be different. Here are some things you should know about our first week back. Many of these changes are temporary but important precautions as we learn how best to gather again.

  1. We will limit attendance at each service to 50 people
  2. We encourage those over the age of 65, those with compromised immune systems, and those who are experiencing any symptoms of illness to consider staying at home, as recommended by the CDC. You can worship through our online broadcast which you can access here
  3. There will be no nursery or children's church - children of all ages are always welcome in the service where they will be met with brotherly love and understanding.
  4. There will be no greeters - bulletins will be placed on the seats.
  5. There will be no coffee or snacks
  6. We will ask that people exit the worship area through the front door (near the piano), reserving the rear door for those entering the room.
  7. Door knobs and sinks will be cleaned and sanitized between services.
  8. Offering will be collected, but the plates will not be handed from person to person.
  9. We will not require anyone (except those collecting the offering) to wear masks, but masks are allowed.
  10. The previously announced Congregational Meeting for the election of church officers will take place on June 28that 10am, and we ask that only members join us for that meeting, in order to allow the maximum safe space for those attending.

We will send you more details as we approach June 28th. Thank you for working with us as we transition back to meeting together. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us. We have missed seeing you all and look forward to the day when it is fully safe for us to gather in one place as one (healthy) body!

In the meantime, how do we prepare our hearts to gather together again? Please watch the short video below as Pastor Rob offers some applicable wisdom from Romans 14.


Church-wide email from Saturday, March 21:

Did church just... stop?

No, it most certainly did not. Because the church is more than Sunday worship. If you've been connected to TCPC at all, you hopefully have heard this loud and clear long before anyone even heard of COVID-19.

Yes, we have canceled all our events and gatherings, which was done out of love for one another and in light of the wisdom of those who are seeking to lead our communities during this public health crisis. But the church is more than Sunday worship, it is more than community groups, Bible studies, membership classes, and anything else that is temporarily on hold.

The church is the people of God living out the gospel together. We do that in all circumstances and we do that in many different ways. So as we face the uncertain timeline of the uncertain days ahead, being the people of God will look different, but it does not stop. Here is how we will continue living out the gospel together in the weeks ahead.

Worship: If you did not receive (or did not read) our email detailing how to join our livestream worship on Sunday morning, you can read he details here. Join us this Sunday at 10am as we look at Psalm 11 and discuss a Biblical perspective on “Crisis Management.” We will broadcast worship in this way until it is safe to gather together again.

Giving: The cost of ministry continues, even as things look different. If your giving habits center around Sunday morning, then please consider trying something different for now. 1) You can mail a check directly to the church office (203 SW 3rd Street, Stuart, FL 34994). 2) You can go to our webpage and click the “Give Online” link at the top; this will take you tithe.ly, our online giving service. 3) You can set up online bill pay through your bank. If you have questions about any of these things, please contact Pastor Rob or Pastor Randy

Prayer: We will continue to pray for on another. If you've not used it before, check out our church prayer page at treasurecoastpca.org/prayer. Please let us know how the church can be praying for you.

Serving: So far, there have been very few needs present in our congregation, but that will probably change as this situation prolongs. Please don't hesitate to let the church know if you have practical or financial needs. And in the meantime, let us consider reaching out to neighbors (in a social distancing-appropriate way) to see if there are local needs the church can help with.

Discipleship: We will send a separate email tomorrow, introducing a special project to help you and your family continue to grow in the word during the coming weeks. Consider that this time of forced detachment from so many other things is also a gracious opportunity to build new habits of discipleship.

We hope to “see” you online this Sunday!


Church-wide email from Thursday, March 19: 

Members, attendees, and all who would like to "attend,"

Please join us this Sunday, March 22nd @ 10:00AM as we gather virtually to worship our great God. As we always do, we will read the Word, sing the Word, pray the Word, and preach the Word.

You can find the worship services by going to our Corporate Worship @ the Coast page

If you happen to miss us at 10:00AM, the video will be accessible until Monday at 10:00AM. We look forward to worshipping together!


Church-wide email from Wednesday, March 18:

Serving and Being Served during COVID-19
Experts are telling us to expect “social distancing” to last weeks, perhaps even several months. If that is the case, then we expect that some of the members of our church will be facing the need for practical assistance.  Those whose health demands a period of self-quarantine may need assistance getting food, medications, or other necessities. As the body of Christ, we are called to serve and help one another.

If you are able to help others: This could be as simple as picking up a few extra groceries and dropping them off at someone's door, or it could involve bigger tasks. If you could be available to help in any way, email Pastor Rob (571-239-7813) or Pastor Randy (239-471-8080) and let them know what you are willing to do, if needed.

If you need help: Contact Pastor Rob (571-239-7813) or Pastor Randy (239-471-8080) to let them know how the church can help. It may be that you don't need help yet but you anticipate a future need. Let us know as soon as possible.

If you need financial assistance: Due to the impact of this virus on the economy, many people are facing unstable employment. If you are in a situation where this has created a financial need that you cannot meet, please contact Rob or Randy, who will bring your requests to the Deacons.

Some helpful services: For those seeking to avoid going to public places such as the grocery store, one of our members has compiled a list of some helpful delivery services that you can use. TCPC does not endorse or guarantee any of these services, but we are happy to pass on information that others have found helpful.
WALMART – free pick up. $30.00 order minimum. Download the Walmart app. Shop and pay on the app.  Walmart will give you an approximate pick up time and then will email you when the order is ready for pick up. When you arrive, a Walmart employee will take your name and go inside to get your order and will bring it out to your car.
SHIPT – The delivery service for TARGET and WINN DIXIE. To place an order use the SHIPT app. For a one-time delivery for orders over $35.00 charge is $9.99 with minimal fees for tipping and service charges.
INSTACART - The delivery service for ALDI, PUBLIX, CVS - $35.00 order minimum. Download the Instacart app and choose which store you want to use. They send a personal shopper with your list to shop for you at the store of your choice. Your  personal shopper is in touch with you as he/she shops, and you can track them on the app. All charges are handled on the app. No money changes hands with your shopper/driver.  Their yearly subscription is $99.00.


Church-wide email from Tueaday, March 17: 

How is TCPC responding to the COVID-19 virus?

Like many of you, the session of TCPC has been monitoring the news and recommendations regarding meeting together in light of the COVID-19 situation.  As citizens of God's kingdom, we are called to walk in the knowledge of his sovereignty in all circumstances, knowing that there is nothing in all creation that separates us from his love for us (Romans 8:38-39).   The Lord cautions his people in Isaiah 8:11-12, “Do not walk in the way of this people...do not fear what they fear.”  As we consider the implications of meeting together for worship in the coming weeks, we want to make a decision not out of fear but out of faith, love, and godly wisdom.

Considering the way in which the corona virus is transmitted, often through seemingly healthy people who have no symptoms; and considering the great risk it presents to those who are elderly and those who have compromised immune systems, we do not think it is loving to one another and to our neighbors to act in a way that increases the danger this virus presents. Therefore, after discussion and prayer, we have decided to suspend all public gatherings for at least the next three weeks.  All community groups, Bible studies, and special events will be postponed until further notice.

This also means we will not gather for worship on Sunday.  However, we are exploring options for broadcasting our service online, so that we might still “gather” remotely to worship our Savior, to be reminded of the gospel, and to be fed from God's Word.  We will also be putting out some teaching through our webpage in order to aid you in Bible study and family worship while you are at home for this extended time.

In the next few days, we will send more emails detailing:
     how we will continue to worship,
     how to ask for help if you have practical or financial needs during this time,
     how you can serve others who have needs,
     and how and why to continue giving financially during this time of separation.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, please contact one of our teaching or ruling elders, or email admin@treasurecoastpca.org.  Please rmember to pray for one another, for those working to comabt this illness, and for our leaders in government.  And consider this opportunity to reach out to your neighbors in the love of Christ