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Living Out the Gospel Together

This is a phrase you will probably hear if you spend some time with us.  It describes what the church is all about.  Here's what we mean by it:

The gospel is the good news that God, through Jesus Christ, is building his new creation by rescuing lost people, adopting them as his sons and daughters, and transforming them into people who reflect his goodness.  That good news changes us at our very core.  It changes what we value, it changes what we believe, it changes what we desire, it changes how we treat others... it changes everything.  And when we change, the way we live changes.

At TCPC, we seek to understand the deep and amazing implications of that good news and to regularly alter our lives to show that transformation.  The church is the gathering of the people who are living out that new life, and we journey together to better understand, better apply, and better enjoy all that the gospel means.  The Bible teaches us that it is not possible to live out the gospel individually.  Just as the Holy Spirit equips us to bless others, he has also designed us to receive his grace through others in the church.  And so following Jesus means Living Out (expressing in every area of life) the Gospel (God's good news of salvation) Together (in vital community with others).