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The Pastors' Blog

Occasional thoughts from Rob and Randy's (metaphorical) desks.

The Pastors' Blog

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Are You Ready to Hear?


We don't need to be ready to hear. Sounds happen and we hear them, right? But in order to hear God's Word in an effective way, we have to prepare ourselves to hear it....

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Working Hard at Hearing

dog grammaphone

Hearing Scripture can be easy, but the kind of hearing that makes a difference actually requires effort....

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Hearing Rightly


The Word of God is powerful, but God has given us responsibility to hear it in a way that puts that power to work....

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Putting the "P" in TCPC

pcaga logo

Presbyterian isn't just something we have in our name. It's something we put into practice, including sending one of our pastors to a national gathering of PCA elders....

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The Problem with Preaching the Gospel to Yourself

covering ears

Preaching the gospel to ourselves is a great practice to help us think and live rightly. But there's a problem with it......

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Why Do We Sing Psalm 24?

Psalm 24 ancient gates

What exactly is the gospel? And who besides Jesus could ever say they have clean hands or a pure heart? ...

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No Confidence in Princes

You can feel the panic in the air as the election draws near. But citizens of God's Kingdom should have no part in that fear....

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Why Do We Sing Psalm 2?

We often hear God calling Jesus "His beloved Son" in the same way that we hear an earthly Father saying "I love my son." But what if what God is saying is closer to "this is my chosen champion"? Would that change the way you think of Jesus?...

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Why Do We Sing Psalm 13?

psalm 13 lament

Christians are called to be joyful in all circumstances, right? So why do we observe so many Christians who are sad, sometimes for a long time?...

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Why Do We Sing Psalm 8?

Man and Nature 2

The Grand Canyon, Mount Everest, the Marianas Trench all scream the same truth...God is majestic. So in comparison, man is nothing, right? Not exactly......

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